MD Message

I am happy to let you know that Smart Solutions is poised for exponential growth and looking at very positive times ahead. We have worked very hard since inception in establishing a strong foundation for our future successes.

Smart Solutions operates a results-driven culture, which encourages performance excellence at individual, team and corporate levels and where the contribution of every individual is recognized, valued and rewarded.

Smart Solutions is guided by principles that include honesty, integrity, ethics, and innovation, partnering and most important - the establishment of a service culture. The phrase, service culture, means that our main focus needs to be on the client, and everything stems from there. We strive to be the best in everything we do, particularly in the delivery of client value, because we never forget that our client’s have a choice.

One of the key focus areas of Smart Solutions is to bring more employment opportunities to rural colleges in India. Today several corporate’s are finding it difficult to recruit talent beyond the top 10 percent of colleges in India leaving very little opportunities for the rural students. Smart Solutions aims to bridge this urban - rural divide in the fresher recruitment market by facilitating campus/off campus recruitments for corporates in rural India.

Most of the multinational companies competing for the same skill-sets and luring the best with the biggest basket of benefits, it becomes imperative for companies to differentiate themselves as 'preferred' employers and maximise their talent hunt while keeping a close watch on their cost-per-hire. Thus, most companies in this race are also realising the need for more effective assessment tools, which can aid them in identifying the exact competencies they need. Smart Solutions will offer comprehensive entry level hiring solutions for the corporates.

At Smart Solutions, our aim is to “Connecting Campus 2 Corporates” and brings all the stakeholders like the corporates, colleges and the students closer by providing employability solutions. Towards this goal, our actions are always guided by a sense of social commitment.